Things I swore I wouldn’t do as a parent…but I did!

Remember before you had kids or when you were pregnant and would say " oh my child would never do that" or " I will never let my child have that". Well think again because you will end up doing at least 80% of those things (at least I did) and guess what...I didn't regret... Continue Reading →

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Evening routine update

The last couple months I have been suffering from the worst hormonal acne I have ever experienced!😩😭 Most of the time I get a few spots on my chin and jawline but they disappear within a few days however this time round they refuse to go🤷🏾‍♀️ so I have adjusted my PM routine recently to... Continue Reading →

Q + A eye serum review

Good morning 🌄Who knew that caffeine could not only make you feel more awake but look it too 👀 I have never been a fan of eye creams as I think that a good moisturiser is enough but this caffeine eye serum from @qandaskin is AMAZING! 🙌🏿 I decided to try it really because  after years of ... Continue Reading →

Skincare: Ingredient Spotlight (Azelaic Acid)

Some of the benefits: It helps with skin texture, calms redness or irritation caused by breakouts and unclog poresWhy I love it so much 💖: I really think this is one of the unsung heroes of skincare. When I started my journey about a year ago, there was hardly much reviews or recommendations of azelaic acid. However it... Continue Reading →

How to start a skincare routine

Congratulations on taking the first step to wanting healthier skin. It took me a global pandemic and lockdown to realise I needed to finally so something about maintaining my skin. But what I found was that was the easiest part ; its an overwhelming world. The conflicting reviews on products, wanting to see results quickly,... Continue Reading →

How I #selfcare

We are all trying to find the perfect balance. Work, relationships, kids, family, friends - where is the 'me time' ? This is something I have always struggled with and after having a child, it became almost impossible to fit this in. Que the lockdown (thanks corona) and the extra time at home has made... Continue Reading →

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