Lockdown is finally easing. So why do I still feel anxious?

The last lockdown was definitely harder than the first one. Mainly because we knew what life was going to be life and with no sunshine to cheer us up, it was only going be worse. But now everything is easing back to some kind of normality but not everyone feels comfortable to just go back... Continue Reading →

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Evening routine update

The last couple months I have been suffering from the worst hormonal acne I have ever experienced!😩😭 Most of the time I get a few spots on my chin and jawline but they disappear within a few days however this time round they refuse to go🤷🏾‍♀️ so I have adjusted my PM routine recently to... Continue Reading →

Q + A eye serum review

Good morning 🌄Who knew that caffeine could not only make you feel more awake but look it too 👀 I have never been a fan of eye creams as I think that a good moisturiser is enough but this caffeine eye serum from @qandaskin is AMAZING! 🙌🏿 I decided to try it really because  after years of ... Continue Reading →

Skincare: Ingredient Spotlight (Azelaic Acid)

Some of the benefits: It helps with skin texture, calms redness or irritation caused by breakouts and unclog poresWhy I love it so much 💖: I really think this is one of the unsung heroes of skincare. When I started my journey about a year ago, there was hardly much reviews or recommendations of azelaic acid. However it... Continue Reading →

How to start a skincare routine

Congratulations on taking the first step to wanting healthier skin. It took me a global pandemic and lockdown to realise I needed to finally so something about maintaining my skin. But what I found was that was the easiest part ; its an overwhelming world. The conflicting reviews on products, wanting to see results quickly,... Continue Reading →

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